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Ice Cream and Beer: Perfect Together

April 11, 2011

Dolce, Pensacola

We’ve experimented with beer floats under the assumption that alcohol makes everything better. But in our trials the bitterness of the beer always overwhelmed the sweetness of the ice cream. We could never get it to work quite right. Now we have proof that our original hypothesis was correct.

We got the scoop from the folks at the fabulous Pensacola Bay Brewery, in Pensacola, Florida. They informed us that the neighboring dessert shop, Dolce, turned their terrific porter into even better gelato. We love porter. And we love gelato (ice cream’s prettier sister). How can the combination be anything other than amazing? So we finished our beers and went next door for more beer; this time of the sweet and frozen variety.

It was love at first sight. We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for, but the deep chocolate gelato in the case called to us more than any other. That had to be the porter, we thought. And it was. Astonishingly, they add no milk at all; only chocolate and beer. Whatever they do, it works. It has the taste and consistency of dark chocolate pudding, but with a complex, slightly bitter finish. It is crazy good. So good, in fact, I found myself wondering what happens if I keep eating. Will I get drunk, or sick? It’s so worth finding out.

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